Friday, December 5, 2008

Press, Push Press, Push Jerk

I am still recovering so just doing light weight baby, nothin but a peanut!
Donna did some Press variations.
Press 1-1-1 65-70-failed at 75
Push Press 3-3-3 75-80-85
Push Jerk 5-5 80-85


donna said...

and i rowed a bit, just 1115k, but my shoulders are totally smoked from all the press was WEAK! but it is to be expected.

bears said...

cornbread cornbread! Wooooo!

Melissa Byers said...

Kiwi Matt and Donna - glad I found you! Matt, your comment about me being "quiet" on Lisbeth's blog made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to seeing you both at the KB cert this weekend!