Thursday, December 11, 2008

More rowing and some squats

Donna checking out the weather for the weekend as she heads towards 100,000m

Donna continued with her quest to row 100,000m by Christmas eve. She is now more than halfway there. This mornings 50 minute session added another 9339m to bring her total to approx 52,345m. Nate (from CrossFit Watertown) is the only person to take up Donna's challenge. Sounds like he is doing well trying to catch up and now that Lis has given him a key he has no excuse.

As it was absolutely pissing down with rain I took on a rowing variation of a workout I did last month (Nov 1st). As Rx it is four rounds for time: Run 400m/50 squats. I modified, replacing the run with a row. Time 13:01. Last time running was 11:24, I have to say that the rowing made the squats seem like much harder work. But my 500m row and 400m run times are pretty close, just have the extra time factor of getting on and off the rower.
I know what you are thinking, it can't be that cold if he had to take his shirt off, but semi freezing rain just doesn't appeal. That and both Donna and I had steamed the sun porch up with all that rowing :-)

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