Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow day/Rest day

More snow today resulted in the Beast of the North East in Albany getting postponed. So no workout today, which is probably a good thing, rest is just as important as working out.

Last night we went to the play "The Bourgeoisie Gentleman" that Trish is doing the lighting for at Riggs in Stockbridge. A very funny performance, just the right thing for a cold wintry evening. Thanks to Trish for getting us great seats :-)

Below is a excerpt from CrossFit Sydney in Australia that I thought was worth sharing.

How to do CrossFit?

Learn the mechanics of fundamental movements; establish a consistent pattern of practicing these same movements, and, only then, ratchet up the intensity of workouts incorporating these movements. "Mechanics," then "Consistency," and then "Intensity" - this is the key to effective implementation of CrossFit programming.

Incremental progressive improvement is the goal of CrossFit Conditioning. The goal is not "winning a WO", nor having the best "Time" or being the best at CrossFit but to continuously improve your skill and conditioning levels. Creating a preparation base of diverse skills and high level of conditioning that is efficient and effective in application for whatever endeavour you choose.

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