Sunday, December 28, 2008

Heavy Single Saturday

After a visit to Trader Joe's it was time to head back to the Berkshires, via some very wet and busy highways.

We had a great time on the cape, thanks to Donna's parents for putting us up and baby sitting the pugs while we went to workout.

We stopped by BizFit in Great Barrington to squeeze in our Performance Menu workout.

Snatch - heavy single
Matt 135# Donna 55# (60# Power Snatch)
These felt really good considering how much work we have done in the last few days. Thanks again to Jonny from CrossFit ATM, that coaching paid off

Clean & jerk - heavy single
Matt 165# Donna 85#

Front squat - heavy single
Matt 275# Donna 115#

Ab work of choice

Matt: AbMat WallBall Situps w/20# Ball 3 x 20

Donna: A mix of Knees to Elbows, Skin the Cat, AbMat WallBall Situps w/10# Ball

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