Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Work in progress

This should work, just need some 4x4's to use as the main supports

What's hanging in your yard?

The girls enjoy the mid winter sun

On the ropes and then in the gym
My workout today was Jen Conlin's birthday wod:
Ten Mins to go for a 15-20 rep Back squat at 50% or 65% of your 1Rm
I got to 20 @ 100kg
Run 800m with bumper plate (25#/15#) 10kg plate
20 Box Jumps 24 inch
20 Power Cleans(95#/135) 60kg
10 Ring push-ups
Run 800m With Bumper plate
15 Box Jumps
15 Power cleans
10 Ring push ups
As Rx 18:38 :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Thruster 1 x 5 70-80-85-90 Fail-90 PR
New Thruster PR at 90kg or 198# :-)


Thruster 1 x 15 @ 50kg


Every min for 12 min – DB Complex

(loading 50% Body Weight) 20kg DB's

3 Hang Power Clean

3 Front Squat

3 Push Press

Dumbell complex was rough!


Brilliant idea!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Snatchtastic Sunday

Sporting my EC Snatch shirt I headed to the gym for some Oly lifting.

Nick joined me to have a go at "Lynne" which is 5 rounds of max reps Body Weight Bench Press and Pull Ups. He managed 26 Bench Press and 80 Pull Ups

I did a Catalyst Athletics O Lifting workout
Muscle Snatch + 2 x OHS + Snatch Balance x 3 Sets - did these at 50kg
2 Position Snatch @ 60% x 4 sets these at 45kg
then 3 x 10 Ab Rollouts using the barbell. I had forgotten how tough these are.

Nick got to find out for himself

Great morning with the sun streaming through the windows

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wow, where did 2 weeks go?????????????

So Donna had a blast at the CrossFit Games and is now hanging out with Paige in Sacramento California before heading to Santa Cruz this afternoon.

Last weekend Amy and I headed to Linton Camp near Palmerston North to take part in the Tough Guy and Gal Mud Run. We both chose the 6k option and it was a blast

Beer, mud and a little bit of a run :-)

Results were: Matt 33:18 22nd overall, 19th Male, 5th in age group

Amy 39:06 75th overall,19th Female, 16th in age group

Then it was a busy week at work and the gym before I could hit todays workout, which Donna did at CF East Sac as well.

Deadlift 3 x 5, then 25-20-15 of Burpees, Power Clean + Push Press and Kettlebell Cross Chops
DL 120-135-150-150-150kg
Met Con: 11:19 using a 20kg sandbag and 1 pood KB

MaD CF sweat angel

Donna and the East Sac crew:
Deads: 75, 80,85, 85, 85

Everyone joined in on the Met Con, it was brutal!!! we did PC/PP with dumbbells

Loren 10kg 11:07
D$ 10kg 12:55
Paige 5kg 13:55 (scaled)
Kelly 12.5kg 16:19
Tino-lets just say after returning from the bathroom and almost meeting pukie-he finished. Then I told him “your girlfriends mom just kicked your ass”

all in all a good morning!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coaches workout...............

We headed down to clean the gym and hit tomorrows workout. A bit of a test run of the Met Con portion. But 1st it was 5 x 5 Deadlifts. 100-120-135-135-135kg (last 3 sets @ 80% of 1RM)
We're not in Kansas anymore
Met Con 10-1 Burpees and 1-10 Kettlebell swings 2 pood in 5:58 :-)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Annie", "The Chief" and other stuff

Monday - For time:
Row 2k - 50 WallBall Shots 20# ball
Row 1k - 35 WBS
Row 500m - 20 WBS
As Rx 20:48
Tuesday - "Annie"
Double Unders (subbed 4 x single unders)
Sit Ups (subbed half GHD Situps)
Time 10:23

“The Chief” – Max rounds in 3 minutes
3 x 60/43 kg Power Clean
6 x Push Ups
9 x Squat
Rest 1 minute – 5 Cycles
As Rx: 29 rounds.

Power Cleans + Push Ups +

Squats = The Chief
A nice PR, I last did this WOD at CrossFit Battleborn in Reno Nevada on Jul 5th 2009, long time between attempts :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strongman stuff at MaD

Toys :-)

Good shoulder but then a miss on pressing the 45kg stone

Stone loading

Teaching the tire flip
Good day at the gym, great crew from CrossFit Mana. Thanks AJ and Jenn for coming down to play.
Run 400m
4 x 45kg stone loads
Run 400m
10 x 90kg Tire flips
Run 400m
10 x 90kg Fat Bar Deadlifts
As Rx 5:22
More pics here