Friday, July 23, 2010

Wow, where did 2 weeks go?????????????

So Donna had a blast at the CrossFit Games and is now hanging out with Paige in Sacramento California before heading to Santa Cruz this afternoon.

Last weekend Amy and I headed to Linton Camp near Palmerston North to take part in the Tough Guy and Gal Mud Run. We both chose the 6k option and it was a blast

Beer, mud and a little bit of a run :-)

Results were: Matt 33:18 22nd overall, 19th Male, 5th in age group

Amy 39:06 75th overall,19th Female, 16th in age group

Then it was a busy week at work and the gym before I could hit todays workout, which Donna did at CF East Sac as well.

Deadlift 3 x 5, then 25-20-15 of Burpees, Power Clean + Push Press and Kettlebell Cross Chops
DL 120-135-150-150-150kg
Met Con: 11:19 using a 20kg sandbag and 1 pood KB

MaD CF sweat angel

Donna and the East Sac crew:
Deads: 75, 80,85, 85, 85

Everyone joined in on the Met Con, it was brutal!!! we did PC/PP with dumbbells

Loren 10kg 11:07
D$ 10kg 12:55
Paige 5kg 13:55 (scaled)
Kelly 12.5kg 16:19
Tino-lets just say after returning from the bathroom and almost meeting pukie-he finished. Then I told him “your girlfriends mom just kicked your ass”

all in all a good morning!

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