Monday, December 15, 2008

Nutrition Seminar

I was at Crossfit Boston for a nutrition seminar given by the beautiful, strong, disciplined Eva Claire. We learned about insulin response, glucagon and our bodies response to certain foods. The basics are 'Cut the Crap'. No processed foods. Just eat meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar. So I am on a quest to find a Zone/Paleo balance that works for me. Starting slowly, adding in some cheat days (hello...holidays), cutting out processed foods and sugar, and keeping a log of what I eat. This is a life change, not short term. It takes commitment and understanding how your body works. I went to the seminar looking for motivation and to have some questions answered. EC helped with both.
EC from CrossFit Boston

Thanks to James for giving us a place to crash and playing taxi, Thanks to EC for sharing her knowledge and experience and Thanks to Jason for the good company. It was a blast!


Jason O said...

It was a blast. I also want to thank James for his place and driving and EC for great info. Yesterday I cut my carbs in half and stayed Paleo-Zone. As Donna said, there are some things I will try to reduce, but not eliminate as well as allowing myself to live. A life change can only happen if it remains flexible...bend to far one way and it will break! Donna- I am there for you on this change!

Donna said...

thanks for your support. so far so good. It's all good info, nice to know you can bend and flex it to fit your lifestyle. Also depends on what you want out of it, change body comp or faster fran....we are going to the grass fed farm wed. to get eggs, meat and raw milk. yum yum!

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

Dude< i had no Idea you had a blog. Good stuff!

Donna said...

Jen, glad you found us. I totally miss you! let me know when you're in town.

Anonymous said...

thank YOU for the kind words, for coming.. and the chocolate!

way to start making changes in the right direction. definitely a gradual process, but remember - bend too far - and its just mediocre! good on you with the REAL meat, milk, and eggs. no reason not to with all the options around you.

love to see you back on PM. lifting heavy makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. go hard or go home.


Donna said...

warm and fuzzy..ummmm interested description.