Friday, December 19, 2008

Rest Day :-)

Rest day today. It was Donna's last day at school for the year:-) She taught Spin at the Y in Pittsfield, then the 5:30 class at BizFit. Me and the girls tagged along. I worked on my gymnastics skills while the girls hung out.

Tomorrow we head to CrossFit Watertown for a Christmas WOD. Hope the snow doesn't come too early but if it does we will just stay there and do the 5am workout as well :-)

Checkout this pic from the recent ice storm. It was taken somewhat north of us, glad our place doesn't look like this.


PaigeM812 said...


bears said...

you guys also spent some of the day making me chili!!!!! yay!!! You guys are the BEST!!!! I love you!!!

Donna said...

yes we did. i hope you have something else to eat for breakfast besides chili.