Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Second summer? Not quite yet.

Sheep on the hill and ducks in the paddock
So here we are in not quite so sunny New Zealand, turns out it is still Spring here so there is plenty of rain along with baby ducks and lambs. At least the landscape is green, a nice change from California brown.

We headed out to run this morning, to get in some practice before the run clinic on Saturday. We found a nice 1/4 mile hill nearby and hit some hill repeats in the rain.

Then this afternoon we stopped by the Personal Training Studio that my mother works out at, Cappella in Rotorua. We met Lyn and had a good exchange of idea's. Hopefully we can get back to Rotorua for yet another run clinic before long.

Tomorrow we head to Auckland to work out at CFNZ and check out CF Auckland before the run clinic on Saturday.


Ruth said...

I assume you are trying to change your Mom over to cross fit!!

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Crossfit is not for everyone....biggest part is the commitment and she's been sticking with it for 3 years now. Plus the closest crossfit is 2.5hrs away.