Sunday, September 6, 2009

Horse's Ass, Kettlebell Clinic and more...........

Watch out for those Army horses!

We headed into Old Sacramento City to the Rio City Cafe for dinner with the guys and gals from CrossFit East Sac. This weekend they are revisiting the days if the gold rush, so there are actors in costume and the streets have been covered in a layer of dirt to recreate the 1800's feeling.

Rio City Cafe!

We could watch the drawbridge from our table.

Then this morning we taught a 2 hour Kettlebell Clinic at CFES. After covering the basics we moved onto some release drills, before diving into the basics of the Clean and Snatch. Everyone worked hard and by the end we saw some good improvement in form.

We didn't cover this one during the clinic!

Those who stayed, then hit the "Filthy 50". Awesome efforts all round!
Some Wallballs, some Knees To Elbows...
Even some KB swings!

This afternoon we took the girls to the dog park for some fun in the sun.
Keeping hydrated. The girls are getting used to their new crates, but they can't read so sometimes get their crates mixed up.

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