Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another car jump and some other stuff...........

Today we all headed to CrossFit East Sac to do some skill work and for me to hit the workout of the day. Donna, Veronica and Melissa hit some cleans, Dallas some back squats. We also played with box squats, these are an evil thing to do to your hamstrings but work really well.

Dallas and Melissa review a video of Melissa's clean
Playing with sumo stance dealifts and Veronica hits a great 6" box squat.

Today's workout at CFES, For Time:
10 Power Clean 135/95 -1 Handstand Push Up
9 Power Clean 135/95 - 2 Handstand Push Up down to....
2 Power Clean 135/95 - 9 Handstand Push Up
1 Power Clean 135/95 - 10 Handstand Push Up
This workout sucked. The handstand push ups were tough as my shoulder is not happy in that position. I had to change bands several times in order to get them done. Time 22:50.

Post workout recovery, Melissa resisted the girls advances
Metric fractional plates arrive today :-)

Dallas jumps another cop car!


Anonymous said...

Dallas doesn't jump, he just tells the world to move down and it does.


Matt said...

Sorry James, but Dallas is not Chuck Norris!

Brian CFES said...

That is friggin cool. Holy shit!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dave Tate may be certifiably bonkers


Anonymous said...

10 down to 1 - ohs/burpee combo
14.05 with 95# ohs

and the best asthmatic impression i could do.

hi to melissa and dallas!


Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Gunzelle, NICE, we were all breathing like that! Melissa and I had a nice stop at lulu's in SF today. We were thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

When I grow up I want to be more like Dallas