Monday, September 21, 2009

Hopper Deck Hell!

More love on the CrossFit East Sac site today, make sure you check the comments section. Travis left us a good one :-)
In fact Travis joined us for our last workout at CFES today. We decided last night at dinner that we would draw cards from the Hopper Deck and choose the least worst. Turned out it was Donna's pick of the 7 of Hearts. 10 Cleans - Run 200m, 9 Cleans - Run 200m, down to 1 Clean - Run 200m. We picked 135# for the boys and 65# for the lady.

Turns out it pays to hold onto the bar for a reduced cycle time

Travis kills the last 200m run

The tale of the whiteboard!
Tomorrow the girls have their final visit to the vet and we say goodbye to CFES. Then it will be time to hit the road for San Diego.
We are hoping that Ginger will have recovered for the trip. It appears she ate something she shouldn't have at Friday nights party, she is not a well puggy today. Or maybe it was drinking Travis' margarita that did it, who knows?
It will be sad to say goodbye, we have had a blast coaching and hanging out at the box here. We will miss it and all the new friends we have made.
Less than a week to go, sometimes it's hard to believe it's time to go already.

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