Saturday, September 26, 2009

Say goodbye to the Matrix.................

We started the day by turning in Donna's car to Toyota Santa Monica, the lease guy there, Tony Doyle, was very helpful but Donna will still end up with a black mark against her from Toyota :-(

Last night I picked up the rental car we are using for our last two days in the US, a nice silver Dodge Charger :-)

The get away car!

This afternoon we headed up to CrossFit LA to help them load up the equipment for Fight Gone Bad tomorrow.

Then we made our way across town to unload and set up in Sound Stage 22 on the Sony Studios lot.

Sony Pictures and Sound Stage 22 all set for FGB!

On the pug front the girls finally got all their paperwork in order and are all set to fly out tonight. By midday tomorrow they should be settling in to the quarantine facility in NZ.

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Tom said...

Matt and Donna -

Have fun with FGB, wish I could be there. Good luck with everything in your new box, I'm sure it will be great. Have a safe trip, and stay in touch.

Tom Ellison