Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clock Gone Bad :-)

Rest Day! Kiwi finds a new place to rest!

We are on a rest day but needed to work on our Kettlebell Clinic for Saturday so we headed to CFES. Donna ended up doing a massage while I worked through the drills for the weekend. We also spent some time talking programing and other nebulous CrossFit stuff with Justin R. (CFES) and Justin A. (CrossFit Placer)

Then we headed out for a business lunch to discuss our On-Ramp program, class schedule and other MaD CrossFit stuff.

On arriving home we discovered that our "Clock Gone Bad" had arrived from Again Faster.

8.5” high and 21” wide with 5” high numbers that can be seen from a hundred meters out, and the timer has a remote control that gives the user the ability to start Fight Gone Bad or a 20/10 Tabata Interval by hitting one button; one ping to begin work, two pings to begin rest.

The timer can be programmed to count up or count down from a set time, and has a 10 second countdown at the beginning of every workout to give the user(s) time to prepare. Pings four times at the end of the countdown for "3-2-1-GO!" Additionally, the "Clock Gone Bad" acts as a clock when not in use.

Kiwi gave it a trial run, sleeping for time 3-2-1-GO!
Input voltage 100-240V AC so should be good to go in NZ, unlike the Title II Timer. Ask Darren at CFNZ about that one.
Donna's Blackberry beside the clock and remote for scale.


Dallas said...

When Kiwi comes to visit me, she can sleep *wherever* she wants :)


Darren Ellis said...

Absolutely no idea what you are talking about.......

Matt said...

@ Dallas, don't worry she will!

@ Darren, that bright red light is not the brake lights of the car in front, it is the sign of an exploding Title 2 Timer :-)

Anonymous said...

Probably be bright enough to read by in the middle of the night if you keep it by the bedside!

Ralph and Val

Ruth said...

No excuses any more that you can't see the clock!!!