Friday, September 25, 2009

San Diego and chilling by the pool..........

We started the day yesterday in San Diego visiting a couple of the CrossFit boxes. First stop was Invictus, CJ made us very welcome and shared a lot of his experiences with us. Great facility with probably the best bathrooms/locker rooms we have seen. A necessary addition when you cater to a downtown clientele.
They probably have the sexiest chalk buckets too!
While at Invictus we also got to meet and chat with Michele Vieux, owner of Mmmm Good Meals, a great way to get Zone and Paleo meals if you are in the area.
Next stop was CF San Diego. Nathan, a trainer there, showed us around and educated us on the intricacies of modern country music :-)
Nice mural!
Then down to the harbour to see the sights and have fish and chips for lunch :-) Not paleo but they tasted good!

Just one of the boats in/under the water
Once we had our fill of CrossFit we headed back to Coach Burgener's place to chill out for the afternoon. The girls enjoyed the pool and got to meet a big bulldog who belongs to one of Mike's clients.
Relaxing by the pool and Ginger stealing Coach B's seat

Kiwi meets Roxy
The view from the front door at Coach B's
Coach B and his wife Leslie made us feel at home and fed us a great paleo meal, tri tip, chicken, steamed veges and salad :-) Thank you so much, we really needed a place to wind down and relax. After dinner we hit the road to LA, driving at night was so much better than during the day and we made excellent time.

Humming birds at CoachB's. They are very cool birds!
This morning we dropped the girls off at the kennel prior to them shipping out tonight. We hope they won't be too pissed about it when we see them in NZ next week.

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