Monday, September 28, 2009

Fight Gone Bad with CrossFit LA

We had a great Fight Gone Bad workout with CrossFit LA and CrossFit Culver City at Sony Studios on Saturday. We hit the first heats so that we would have time to get back to check out of our hotel. So sadly we missed out on the paleo BBQ :-(

Matt: 294
Donna: 194 (Turns out that a 14# Wallball to a 10' target is damn hard work)

Post workout, hot and sweaty. The scores go up

After the workout we headed to The Grove in Beverly Hills for some quality people watching and post workout nutrition (beer!).
Then it was time to head for LAX to return the rental car and catch our flight to NZ.
Before getting on the plane we checked with the kennel in NZ and the girls had finally arrived there safe and sound :-). We also made it to NZ with all our baggage and are now getting ourselves sorted in Rotorua.


JHobart said...

Matthew, looks like you have added some muscle to your superhuman frame.

Travel safe MaD.

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

JH, you are weird, seems that beer and stress has been working well for him. I am just glad he doen't look like skeletor any more. Miss you much JH!