Friday, September 25, 2009

Dogs, Rings, Ropes and things................

The girls enjoying their hotel bed before their ordeal began!

Things are not going smoothly with the girls. The vet signed some forms in the wrong place and a test result was missing. So the USDA wouldn't approve them to fly today. We think Jet-A-Pet has got it all sorted and they should be good to go tomorrow, fingers crossed.
to provide a distraction we headed to Santa Monica Beach to check out the pier and the play ground to the south.

The pier and part of the playground

Donna on the swing and Matt swinging :-)

Matt the monkey!

Obligatory muscle up!
Then we headed back to the pier for lunch. Interesting sights to see there and I am not talking about the ocean. People watching is a fascinating pass time. We also discovered that you can learn to play on the trapeze there as well. We were tempted but not this time.

Tonight we headed out for dinner and found people running short sprints just up the block. Looks like we stumbled onto CFLA! So we stuck our heads in, said hi to Ingrid and John, before heading off to dinner. We are going to help them with Fight Gone Bad this weekend. Should help us stay distracted from the girls plight.


Amy CFES said...

Ahhhh! U so called it that something was going to go wrong and the girls wouldn't get out right away. That sucks but at least u guys planned for it. The beach looks beautiful! Hope u guys are having a blast. Miss u guys! Happy almost anniversary!!!

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Thanks Amy! we will have lots to celebrate tomorrow. the dogs will be in nz and our 1 year anniversary. Have a great FGB.