Thursday, September 17, 2009

....and now we feel some pain!

Today we started the packing process, down sizing once again, but this time only for a week or so. We actually leave the US in 10 days, crazy!
We went in to East Sac to Deadlift, which it turns out was not so smart. Neither of us moved a lot of weight and we both finished the session with some extra niggles and pain. Not a rewarding time. Matt: 365# Donna: 215#. Time for some rest and recovery.


Anonymous said...

niggles? now what kind of word is that?!


Matt said...

It is an old Norse word for a minor complaint or problem, feel free to use it from now on. I am here not only to inform but to educate. You're welcome :-)

Anonymous said...

Good thing Matt doesn't brush off his own shoulders

jh..uh duh

Matt said...

James, I can't brush off my own shoulders, I can't get my arms that high! Well my left arm any way. Feeling old and tired this week ;-)