Sunday, September 20, 2009

Party Time!!!!!!!!!!

A MaD Snatching Kiwi!
CrossFit East Sac threw us a going away party last night. We had a great time, even though saying goodbye to so many new friends is hard. Thank you all!
We have spent a lot of time at CFES in the last month and have really enjoyed the community there, it feels like our second home. You guys are great and we will miss you as we head to our new home in New Zealand. We plan to be back next summer for the games and hope to be cheering some of you on in the Affiliate Cup and individual competitions.
Special thanks to Eilleen and family for hosting and especially Penny the pug for sharing his home with our girls. Also Cort for the amazing centre piece, a 3D Snatching Kiwi and cake.
Our amazing cake and enough food for many pugs

Donna and Amy keep the girls out of trouble
Real ping pong this time but Brooke and Brady still dominated :-)
Sometimes it is hard to fit in at parties
I have missed a couple of posts as we have been having a pretty quiet time. Both of us are listening to our bodies for a change and letting them rest. Other than that we have been packing and clearing out the apartment in preparation for the trip south on Monday.


bears said...

The snatching blue kiwi is AWESOME!!!
They must really love you guys.
Well, who can blame them? :)

W8liftinmom said...

The snatching blue kiwi needs to get on a T! :-)

Ruth said...

I hate creative people- the kiwi is awesome!!!