Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday in Santa Cruz

We headed into CrossFit Santa Cruz this morning with Taz to workout. Hollis and Danielle were great hosts and made us and the girls welcome.

Taz, Hollis and Danielle

I got to work a goat, Double Unders along with muscle ups. In a 5 rounds for time 50 Double Unders and 5 Muscle Ups. My Double Unders suck so this turned into more of a skill session than a timed wod.

Donna did an alternate workout of: 30-20-10, Box Jumps 15"and Thrusters 45# in 10:14.

Then we headed to Trader Joes for some whole foods and nuts :-).

After a quiet break for lunch we headed to the Nickelodeon Cinema to see Food Inc. This expose of the US food industry is disturbing on a number of levels but is well worth seeing. It should serve as a warning to places like NZ not to be complacent about their food industry.
The girls managed two walks on the beach and are getting pretty good at chasing seagulls.

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