Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday - Heavy Deads!

Deadlift workout at the games last weekend.

We managed to make it to the 9am class at East Sac today. The workout was the CrossFit Games 2009 Event 2 (modified) - The Deadlift. Deadlift every 30 seconds adding 10# to the bar each rep. Men's Rx starts at 315 and women's Rx starts at 185. You will be paired with a partner who will add 10# to the bar every 30 seconds until you can no longer complete the rep.

Donna: 235#
Matt: 385#

Neither of us made our 1 rep PR's but this is a very different way of hitting heavy deadlifts. Great stuff!

Tonight we watched Man on Wire, a documentary about a French wire walker who walked between the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. Great movie, well worth seeing.

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