Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMG he is trying to kill us.............

We woke this morning and checked to CFES site. The workout of the day was:
5 Rounds For Time:
5 Thrusters 155/105
10 Box Jump 36"/28"
20 Double Unders

The title of today's post was my immediate thought. But being the CrossFit masochists that we are we packed up the girls and headed in for the 9am class.

Funnily enough there were not to many in attendance, just us and Chris, so Justin joined in on the workout while Travis did a great job of coaching us through it.

Matt as Rx: 20:21
Donna: 19:41 with 95# and 20" Box Jumps :-) first time doing 95# Thrusters!
Chris as Rx: 14:14
Justin as Rx: 9:09!!!

Double Unders suck for me and the rest was just as unpleasant as it first looked early in the morning. We headed home to drown our sorrows in more coffee and roll out on the foam roller and Trigger Point ball.

This afternoon we took Paige to the DMV for her first attempt at the California drivers test, we will be back there sometime soon for a repeat, before we start car shopping with her. It was an interesting place to people watch, as some of those American stereotypes have more than a grain of truth to them "for real" or should that be "fo reel".

The girls live in hope that Donna will drop food on them

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