Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moab at last..............

We hit our last workout at CrossFit Red this morning, Patrick modified the 10k run that was programmed on So the workout was Row 2k, Rest 1 minute, 1000 Jump Rope, rest 1 minute, Run 1 mile, combine times. The exercises could be done in any order. I subbed a 2nd mile run instead of the row as I ripped my hands a bit yesterday.
Donna: Row 9:14, Run 8:31, Jump Rope 9:58 Total 27:03
Matt: Run 7:20, Jump Rope 9:00, Run 7:31 Total: 23:51

Thanks to Patrick, Jessica, Celeste and Adam for letting us workout and joining us in the workouts.

Donna gives Adam some rowing technique tips

Then it was time to head to Moab, a little out of the way, but I never made it there in 2005 when Donna and I met on a mountain bike tour. Now I can say I have been there and done that.

The train to Moab

Onwards to Salt Lake City, through the mountains and a thunderstorm or two.

We have just returned from dinner, where the TomTom GPS took us for a tour through downtown, past the Mormon Temple and into the central business district. Great way to accidentally sight see :-)

Not quite how we saw it but it is impressive

Tomorrow we will head to CrossFit NRG before heading to Reno.


Ruth said...

Hey Matt I see you finally got to Moab but where are the pics of slick rock and porcupine and the town???? Was the town a let down? Ruth

Matt said...

Hi Ruth,

the town was great and we have some pics of slick rock, I just thought the train was more interesting :-)