Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dips and Squats

Back to CFES this morning for a variation on one of the Affiliate Cup workouts from this years CF Games. At the Games it was Over Head Squats and Pull Ups, at East Sac the pull ups were replaced by Ring Dips.

With a 20 Minute Time Constraint Perform 3 Sets of Each:
3 Rep Max Overhead Squat
Max Set Ring Dip
Your score will be the total of the weight of your best successful 3 rep max OHS and all the reps from all 3 sets of dips. So if your best 3 rep OHS is 135# and you get 10, 8, and 6 on your dips, your score will be 135+10+8+6=159.

Matt: 197 - 155# OHS 42 Ring Dips

Donna: 109 - 85# OHS 24 Ring Push Ups - After the timer stopped Donna set a new 3RM PR of 95# :-)

Then it was off to the vet to see what can be done for Gingers allergies. Turns out, quite a bit so she has been, shampooed, had her ears cleaned out and is on new meds. We hope it helps her and us sleep tonight.
Tomorrow we head north to visit to CrossFit NorCal.

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