Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it rest day yet?

The girls have already decided it is!

We are both feeling the effects of our 3 days of workouts so far this week and are seriously looking forward to our rest day tomorrow.

Today's lovely pairing from CFES was, For Time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Hang Power Clean 135/95
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Toes To Bar
*Alternate between hang power cleans and toes to bar

Matt: 11:29 as Rx
Donna: 14:41 73#

We also sorted out some dates for some future activities at CrossFit East Sacramento

MaD Skillz Workshops

Brought to you by MaD Crossfit

Workshops run 8:00-10:00 AM and will conclude with a WOD
*Free to members
*$35 for non-members

Saturday Aug. 1st - Running Skillz
Saturday Aug. 15th - Olympic Lifting Skillz
Saturday Sep. 5th - Kettlebell Skillz
CrossFit East Sac are taking part in Fight Gone Bad this year. We did this last year in Boston and would do it again this year, but on Sep 26 we will be winging our way to New Zealand. Please support the worthy causes that the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser will benefit, Athletes For A Cause Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the Wounded Warriors Project, which lends support to wounded vets and their families. Click on the banner below.


Anonymous said...

I need MaD skillz. What the f ballz? D, you could offer a Paelo Pizza making skillz class. Maybe Matt could give Paige a *smirk* MaD dirving skillz class!

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Paleo pizza is not an art jh, you just have to get off your ass to make it. I am not sure if Matt could teach her see, she already knows everything. lol. we miss you!

Mike said...

Hey guys, Mike here (Wellington).

We did your workout yesterday (Friday) the old 10,9,8 ... etc but with Cleans and the old 1,2,3 .. etc with knees to toes.

My time 8.35
Dan 10.55

Was a good one.

Ive been starting to write our workouts here using the Met Con graph,experimenting with different loads and times and finding the experience of working out in 3 pathways really interesting.

For example:

Thrusters - 50kg
Pull ups - Weighted vest 10kg
Deadlifts - 60kg

For each exercise its 40secs of continuous work, so 120 secs work with a 1:1 Load Recovery so 120 secs of rest. Repeat 4 times.

I would have preferred to do a row instead of deadlifts but its not quite set up at les mills to accommodate such a routine.

Aim of exercise, we using it as a heavy work day, for strength and endurance.

Please do try it and PLEASE be open to leave feedback.


Matt said...


did you mean knees to elbows? If you change it from a hang power clean it is a totally different stimulus, by making it a hang clean you work the grip component a lot more.

As for your wod, here are some random thoughts:
Do you keep the weight vest on throughout the whole thing?
I do wonder if the 40 sec is too long, why not just tabata it?
Sub for row would be Sumo Deadlift High Pull at a lower weight.
Be interested to hear how it goes.

Mike said...

Yeah sorry,

Knees to elbows it was.

We will try it with the hang cleans next time then, our grip was tested for sure but yes, i understand how much more it will be with the hangs.

The vest is worn throughout the whole exercise, yes.

The tabata suggestion we will try next time, thanks.

And the sumo lift, yes, nice. Will re-write the workout and let you know how it goes.

Thats what i love about crossfit .. the logic behind the workouts.

Comments to come ...