Friday, July 3, 2009

The longest day...................

We started out the day by cooking an eggs and bacon breakfast in our Candlewoods apartment suite. Nice to have some home cooked stuff after a week or so on the road.

The girls want to know when they get their own gym again?

Then we headed to CrossFit NRG. James made us very welcome and then threw us into teaching the Snatch to his 10am class before they tackled "Randy" which is 75 Power Snatches at 75#. We loved the NRG box, great space. I think James may have improved it even more as he was planning on installing some O Lifting platforms after our visit.

Matt and Donna guest coaching "Randy"

Then it was onto I80 for a 520 mile, 7 hour epic drive to Reno. We thought Texas and Oklahoma were a little short of scenery, this was by far the least interesting leg of the trip. When the highlight of the trip is the Morton salt works you know you are in trouble.

All the white stuff is salt. Lots of roadworks along the way.

Once we hit Reno we took a short walk to check out CrossFit Battleborn (got to love that name) and meet Alena the owner. We will be back there tomorrow morning before the final leg of the trip to Sacramento.


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose there were any ponds to taste at the salt works?
Enjoying keeping up with your progress.
Ralph (and Val)

Matt said...

We didn't stop to find out, we also went past the entrance to the Bonneville speedway, home of the world land speed record though.