Saturday, July 11, 2009

Affiliate Cup

Day one of the CrossFit Games is over and the finalists for the Affiliate Cup on Sunday have been decided(click here for the full results). The team from our new second home, CrossFit East Sac, did very well placing 8th overall, not quite enough to make the final on Sunday but an awesome effort.

Team East Sac finishing strong on the Hill Run and killing the Stadium workout

Donna worked on a few athletes before the individual competition tomorrow. Taz, Pat Barber and James.

Donna works on Taz (No idea what Darren from CFNZ is doing)

Donna works on Pat, while his brother JohnJi gives him shit and James hides from the sun.

The girls had a good day, the heat was not too bad and they made plenty of new friends.

Kiwi helps Alex sell Hopper Decks

Now we are back at the hotel enjoying the aircon and recharging for a long day tomorrow. The events were released this morning for tomorrow and it is going to be a real test of all round fitness. Good luck to all those competing, we will be there to cheer you on throughout the day.

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Adam Winch said...

Jess says she meeting up with you both in the morning; which is great news. Hello to you both and give her a hug for me! Hope the Games are as awesome as it seems from here in Grand Junction.