Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh I wish I were a Hooters Tank Top.................

We took Paige to Hooters last night.

The food was alright, but we got some funny looks because the burger buns didn't get eaten though. At least you can order their wings "naked", that is not breaded, so we were somewhat paleo.

After we got home, Donna was chatting to Coach B and he put us in contact with Veronica Carpenter an Olympic Weightlifter who will be assisting at the Tommy Kono Open Olympic Weightlifting Competition and Clinic here in Sacramento on Aug 8 and 9. We are planning to meet Veronica on Wednesday on our way to CrossFit NorCal. We are also planning on attending the clinic and competition in a couple of weeks, as it is not something we are likely to see anytime soon in NZ.

Today, after breakfast, we headed to the river with the girls, a much nicer spot than we tried last week.
Then we had a lazy afternoon on the couch!

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