Monday, August 10, 2009

Tommy Kono Open IV Olympic Weightlifting Meet

We spent the day at the Tommy Kono O Lifting meet. Our first ever, first hand experience of the sport. Overall we came away with a favourable impression. The meet was pretty well organised, down to video replay immediately after each lift and the whole thing was streamed live on the web. I think the CrossFit games organisers could learn a thing or two from these folks.

The set up, instant replay on the right.

Not huge fields in the weight classes but some really cool things to see. One girl had only been lifting for 8 weeks but still got out there to compete. At the other end of the scale was an 81 year old lifter who after shoulder surgery two years ago couldn't lift his arm above shoulder height but now does Snatches as well as being able to do full squat Cleans. Competing along side him was a 12 year old boy from Austria, now in what other sport do you see that age difference on the same platform.

Age is no barrier!

Congratulations to our friends Greg and Aimee at Catalyst for coaching Steve (The Mullet) to 1st place in the 85kg weight class with a total of 243kg (110 Sn 133 C&J)
Steve's Snatch

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