Sunday, August 16, 2009

Press, Swing, Pool, Dinner.................

Celeste Push Pressing

We headed into CrossFit East Sac about mid morning for Donna and Celeste to help me practice for the Oly Clinic on Saturday. Then they hit the lift of the day, 5 x 5 Push Press:
Donna: 103#
Celeste: 73#

After that we all hit the conditioning workout, 3 rounds for time:
15 kettlebell swings 70/44#
15 GHD Situps

Matt: 3:40 As Rx
Donna: 4:20 35#
Celeste: 4:30 26#

Once we got home we headed to the pool to cool off.
MaD playing in the pool :-)
Then we walked down to have dinner at the Roxy, with Justin and Loren.

What u mean this is not Zone?
(Justin enjoying dessert at Roxy)

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