Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kegger, more running, bronze animals and really really good beer!

We headed out last night to Brooke and Brady's "Kegger Party" and house warming.

This was your traditional American College style kegger, beer keg, beer funnel, jello shots, beer pong and keg stands. Thanks for helping round out my American experience guys. CrossFit East Sac is a great bunch of athletes as well as drinkers, who knew?
Beer Pong
Travis shoots.........and misses! Saving the hosts from having to drink
Justin's turn........
With Chuck Taylor's like these who needs tall sox to deadlift in?
Keg Stands
Justin started it!
But Brooke had the better dismount!
Then this morning it was out to CrossFit Genesis in Roseville to conduct another run clinic. Great bunch of folks out there. They all worked hard in the morning sun. Some real potential amongst them, now follow the program and watch those run times drop!
We finished with a quick workout "Hindy" 3 rounds for time of:
200m Run
30 Squats
15 Push Ups
I joined in to keep them honest and banged it out in 4:40.
Then we headed up I80E to revisit the fountains and get some pics of the statues for Val and Ralph, so here you go.

It also provided a great photo op for Kiwi. Here she is standing in the dog water fountain. No class, I guess that's how we know she is mine ;-)

Once we were back in Sacramento we headed up to the Roxy for Brunch and found our new favourite cheat beer. Brother Thelonious - Belgian Style Abbey Ale this stuff is really really good!

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