Friday, August 14, 2009

Celeste arrives to visit...............

We picked up Celeste from the airport this morning and took her to CF East Sac for her intro to CrossFit in Nor Cal.

I hit the workout posted on the East Sac site, for time:
5 Snatch 155# - I used 135#
15 Handstand Push Ups - I used a white band combo.
10 Power Cleans 155#
30 Pull Ups
20 Deadlifts 155#
60 Burpees
*Snatch is from floor to overhead any way as long as the barbell does not make contact with the upper body.
Time: 10:40

East Sac just bought a couple of the Burgner/Rippetoe bars from Rouge Fitness. These are a very nice addition :-)

Donna and Celeste hit a workout from MaD CrossFit.
7 Rounds For Time of:
45# Snatch, 4 reps
Overhead squat, 4 reps
Overhead walking lunge, 4 steps
21 Sit-ups

Donna: 14:25 with 35#
Celeste: 14:21 with 15#


bears said...

I wish I was there :( I miss you guys!

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Miss you too trishy!