Sunday, August 2, 2009

Run Clinic at CFES

We taught our first skills clinic at CrossFit East Sacramento this morning. Starting at 8am we ran 29 people through 2 hours of "POSE" running theory and a whole lot of skills and drills. Everyone there improved their technique and left with a six week program that should see them increase their speed and reduce their chances of injury.
Partner Drills and "Charlies Angels"
"Hindy" the WOD at the end. Donna runs through some foam roller work and stretches
"Hindy" 3 RFT, Run 200m, 30 Squats, 15 Push Ups.
Kiwi works on getting used to her crate
Then it was home to sort the pics and video from this morning so they can be posted on the CFES site.


Jeff said...

The workshop was great! Thanks for fitting me in at the last minute! I'll see you folks for the O-Lifting workshop in two weeks.

Matt said...

Hi Jeff, glad you enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing you at the O Lifting.