Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Car and a bath.............

Turns out loosing your wallet with your licence, debit card and other I.D causes stress for everyone. At least that's what we hope Paige has realised. Thankfully it seems that she and the bank noticed in time and we have all just been inconvenienced. No money lost.

So back to the car yard after much gnashing of teeth to sort the insurance - thanks to Donna for spending lots of time on the phone and web to get it sorted. We finally managed to pick up the car and send Paige off in her own set of wheels. Now just remember to keep making the payments and buy a real wallet!

Getting the run around again and the final signature!
Paige in her new ride - Finally!
Then home to give the girls another bath. These really seem to help Gingers allergies and we couldn't leave Kiwi out.

Wet pugs!
Finally here is some video from this weekend at the Tommy Kono Open. Click here for the results.


Anonymous said...

Read Robb's post and I dug it. Nice new car Paige. Maybe now she can pursue her life long dream of becoming a crash-em-up derby driver?

Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Please don't give her any ideas.