Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Bacon, Lifting and Rope Climbs

Today started with a Snatch Skills Session at BizFit. Everyone improved through the session and went away with points to improve on and some extra things to put in their warm ups.

Then when EC and James turned up for a last minute visit we hit the gym again. Lots of heavy stuff got lifted and a lot of fun was had by all.

I hit the workout that Donna did on Thursday, 4 Round for time:
Run 400m - I subbed with 400 single under jump ropes

(These are one of my goats so it was good for me to work on them)

15 Hand Stand Push Ups

(Another of my goats, I did as many against the wall as I could and then went to the bands)

2 15' Rope Climbs

(These are one of my strengths so I was actually happy to do them)
Time 27:46

Then it was home to cook a "Bacon Explosion". It is in the oven now so I will update on the results tomorrow.

Donna hit some back squats 5 x 5 at 135# and then worked some Kettlebell skills.

Donna sporting the new Mad CrossFit Trainer T Shirt.

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Somebody said...

Cool shirt.

And that's an awesome photo of EC at full extension.