Monday, February 2, 2009

After Action Report - Bacon Explosion

As reported yesterday I attempted a recipe that James from CF Boston brought to my attention, the "Bacon Explosion"

This is essentially cooked bacon, wrapped in Italian sausage, wrapped in uncooked bacon. Add your favourite meat rub and BBQ sauce and you are good to go.

Weave bacon, add a little meat rub, then add sausage.

Cooked bacon on top of sausage, add a little BBQ sauce, roll sausage

Roll bacon, sprinkle with a little meat rub. Ready for 2+ hours in the oven at 225F. Check internal temp has reached 165F.

Baste with BBQ Sauce, slice and serve.

This tasted great, but how can you go wrong with all that bacon. Made the house smell good too!

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Somebody said...

After-Action Report. LOL. I love it! Like it was a mission.

I cannot wait to make this!