Friday, February 27, 2009

Long day on the road

Yesterday started well with a workout at CFNZ. We all did JT, 21-15-9 Handstand Push Ups, Ring Dips and Push Ups.
The question was asked, "how long do you think it will take" my answer "longer than you think" turned out to be very accurate. This workout is a beast, my arms and shoulders are happy for the rest day today. Donna: 16:20, Matt: 16:35, Darren 17:11, Taz: 16:30. We all had to modify at one point or another. Donna also hit her 20 rep back squats at 110#. Thanks again to Darren and Taz for hosting us at their box, we had a great time and will be back before we go if we can squeeze it in.

After working out we hit the road for Wellington, just under 400 miles in 7 hours with one stop for coffee on the way.

But we made it in time for the family BBQ and got to meet my sisters husband to be. Geoff is a policeman so was well able to cope with his house being invaded by a whole tribe of Dyson's. Along with me and Donna, my brother Dan, his wife Kat and their baby Esme' my Dad was there as well as my Mum and her husband Ralph. More than enough for anyone to put up with.

Today the plan is to get on our bikes and ride. That and find a cafe with free Wi Fi not $10 an hour!!!! WTF.

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