Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Silver lining?

This morning I received a call from Mike at BizFit Personal Training. Donna and I are no longer welcome to teach classes there. He thanked us for our efforts but felt that with the increase in clientele that he needed to be there more often.

To put that in perspective, Donna and I taught 5 of the 28 classes currently on offer.

We have had some issues in the last few weeks with the number of new clients in class. Not the numbers themselves but the lack of basic CrossFit knowledge that they possess. It has reinforced for us the value and absolute necessity for elements classes that cover the 9 foundational movements and some of the secondary ones. These classes are not a formal part of the BizFit system.

There has also been the issue of clients regularly coming in late and disrupting classes. Apparently some people have a hard time coping with being chastised and singled out. Obviously they think they are more important than anyone else in the class including the coach.

So just prior to us heading to NZ, we are told that our services are no longer required.

What does this mean? Several things actually:
- We will continue to train CrossFit, whenever and wherever we can.
- On our return from NZ we will be working on converting the garage and sun porch into a CrossFit box, aiming for a grand opening WOD on April 1st.
- We will continue to workout as we have before as I still intend to compete at the North East Qualifier in May, I think recent events add a bit more motivation to do well.
- We will treat this as an opportunity not a setback
- We will go to NZ, have a good break and come back fired up

3, 2, 1 GO.............................


Beth said...

Dear Donna and Matt--

I am really upset to hear about this. You both brought expertise and passion and humor, and made an enormous positive impact in my workouts and overall skill level--squats, deadlifts, back and overhead squats--all better because of your attention to detail.

Thank you for your hard work and excellent training. I will miss you both.


Matt said...


thanks for your kind words and positive feedback. We have enjoyed training you and seeing your progress has been a great experience. Please know that you will always be welcome at MaD CrossFit.
Matt and Donna (MaD)

Jen's Gym and Potomac Crossfit said...

It kinda makes me laugh. Sorry but by not having you two there he just blew it. Really, Really blew it.
Donna and Matt have passion and fire for fitness, CrossFit Fitness.
This dude just gave people less of a reason to give him money. Dill Weed!

Donna and Matt, Go big! Parks or your house make it happen. For the better part of two years I drove around with KB's and Madballs in my backseat! It's not a setback it's freedom!

Donna said...

Thanks Jen, we are setting up in the garage asap and for now I am training at different gyms in the area. It is a great opportunity! Looking forward to it! we'll let you know when the opening weekend is.

Anonymous said...

The owner's rational seems to make no sense. You two brought the sense of community, heart and passion, which his operation is going to seriously lack. This makes it hard for me to pay the monthly membership and staying at BizFit less likely. He does not know what he is missing and I feel sorry for the clients because someone is going to get hurt! Love you two and thanks for all that you did/do!

Matt said...

Thanks for your support. Donna has yet to receive a call so we are still unclear as to the thinking behind the decision. We look forward to building a strong supportive community at MaD CrossFit.