Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 1 of the FilFest

Yesterday the FilFest started off with a lot of talk about insurance and liability, thanks god for the Starbucks in the lobby to keep us awake.

We hung out with Lis from CrossFit Watertown and Jen from Potomac CrossFit and had lunch at an Irish Pub with them and Keith and Sam from CrossFit Virtuousity. We sat with Justin and Travis from CrossFit East Sac. Donna met these guys when she was out in CA visiting Paige.

MaD CrossFit's new wheels?

Once we got into the Affiliate presentations things got better, Craig Patterson from Crossfit Vancouver and Freddy Comacho from Crossfit One World spoke on building community. Tuck from GSX talked about paying trainers and Skip Chase from Mt Baker CrossFit spoke on getting and keeping clients.

We heard from Coach and John Welborne (NFL Linebacker) CrossFit Balboa introduced CrossFit Football.

CrossFit Central from here in Austin ran a great group workout in a nearby park. Neither of us were up for it but we cheered everyone else on.

FilFest WOD warm up!

Then it was time for a great video from CrossFit Overload and Dinner before the main feature. A preview of the 2008 CrossFit Games movie "Every Second Counts" - this was a great end to the night before heading to the bar to network and drink beer!

Freddy Comacho from Crossfit One World checks out the new MaD CrossFit logo on Jen from Potomac CrossFit

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