Saturday, February 7, 2009

Off to Texas!

Donna and I are headed to Texas today to the CrossFit Affiliate Fest in Austin this weekend. Should be a good time with a lot of like minded people willing to share their experiences and help us grow MaD CrossFit!

In the meantime, Donna is working with a local massage therapist David Kelly. I was their lab rat today. I have never been hurt so much by a therapist, sorry to Liz and Rache in NZ but this guy could even teach you a thing or two about hurting me on the table. I think I may have even shed a tear. That said it was a great massage, they worked on loosening up my quads and patella tendons. It seems to have worked :-).

Now I need to do my bit and stretch every day!

I did manage to squeeze in a workout at home in the basement. At least it is warm!
For time:
Power clean 15 reps - 30 Ring dips
Power clean 12 reps - 24 Ring dips
Power clean 9 reps - 18 Ring dips
Power clean 6 reps - 12 Ring dips
Power clean 3 reps - 6 Ring dips

Rx weight is 155# but I only have 105# at home so went with that. Time: 10:44

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