Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Times at CrossFit Watertown

Last night we headed down to CrossFit Watertown (CFW) to join in on the Beat Dan out of the Gang WOD. Dan, one of the stalwarts of CFW is moving New York city so the workout was held in his honour.

Trish, Jason and the girls came too so the Matrix was pretty full. I also made another Bacon Explosion so people who missed the first one could experience all its bacony goodness.

The workout was in a team format with 5 people in each team, we numbered off so that each team was a mix of MaD CrossFit, CFW, CF Central CT, PowerBarn and anyone else who was there. Donna and I ended up on different teams but it was all good fun. The workout was, for time:
100 Pull Ups
200 Walking Lunges
300 Kettlebell Swings
400 Sit Ups
500 Wallball Shots
(Only 2 team members working at a time)
+ 2000 pounds of Front Squat and Overhead Squat
(Completed by the team, only one working at a time, each member must complete 1 FS and 1 OHS otherwise make up the weight however you need to)

Jason wallballing! Matt swinging!

Lis from CFW won with her team of 6 WTF!

Then it was time for the Bacon Explosion showdown. Greg from CFW had also made an explosion. His was definitely bigger, but mine won the taste test!

Matt and Greg prepare the explosions!

Good times were had by all (as usual). I think Trish and Jason will be down to visit, when Donna and I head to NZ, to get a good dose of CrossFit community.

Lots of interest in the MaD CrossFit T Shirts last night, we will put together another order when we get back from NZ.

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bears said...

good times, good people, good bacon explosion!!!!