Friday, February 20, 2009

Lucky I have a thick skull!

Sometimes I try to be too clever by half. I was looking for a workout that would rest my patella tendons and saw one from last week that I needed to make up. Descending handstand push ups and ascending L Pull ups. So I warmed up and headed into the basement. Point to note: as you begin to do multiple L pull ups you induce a bit of a swing. I did not calculate the space between the rafters very well and pulled my head into them on the 3rd rep, no blood but it still hurts!

I decided not to continue as my HSPU were turning to crap, probably those push ups yesterday or I am just a cupcake today. So I headed back upstairs to the kettlebells. The heaviest we have at home at the moment is 1 pood (16kg/35#) so that is what I used.

50 American swings
50 One arm swings
50 Cleans
50 Snatches
50 Military presses
50 Hand 2 hand
50 Swing releases

I felt much better after that. Lesson learnt, first thing I am putting in the garage when we get back from NZ is a decent pull up bar!

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