Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Two - The FilFast - I mean Fest

A long morning in the meeting room as Coach Glassman answered a lot of questions. We started with a motivational talk from Kyle Maynard who was born without lower arms and legs. He is a CrossFitter, Wrestler and soon to be MMA fighter. Think you can't do this stuff. Think again!

At about 2pm we headed to "Hooters" for my birthday lunch. it included fried pickles, who knew they would taste so good?

Hooters Fried Pickles

Then it was back for more speakers. Then with a special invitation we finished the day at a Brazilian BBQ Restaurant with Coach, Lis and the rest of the CFHQ Staff.
The "Girls" with Kyle. Tracey (Concept 2), Lis (Affiliate Blog & CF Watertown), Donna (MaD CrossFit), Kyle, Jen (Potomac CF), Lynne (CF Message Board), Kelly (CF Specialty Certs).

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