Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Told you there was a silver lining!

After being told my services were not required in Great Barrington I was planning a quiet night of stewing at home.

But as it happened Lis from CrossFit Watertown in CT needed someone to cover her evening classes tonight. So I headed south and coached two sessions of Fight Gone Bad.

Rich and Chris go hard at Fight Gone Bad while Mary keeps score.

The crew at Watertown are great and gave me that warm fuzzy CrossFit feeling. Thanks guys! I am happy to make the drive down there anytime.

After the last person left the gym I hit a nasty lunge and burpee workout. Five rounds for time of:
45 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges, 50 feet
21 Burpees
Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.
Time: 12:23

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