Monday, August 4, 2008

XTERRA Sky High Off Road Triathlon Grafton Lakes NY

So today was the day! Up bright and early at 5am to drive to the event. The girls were very confused at being woken and fed so early.

Pre race preparations went well and we were ready for the start, even if the pre race breifing caused some confusion.

Then we were off for a short run on the sand before starting two laps of a 500m circuit in Long Pond.

The swim was your typical triathlon washing machine with arms, legs and bodies everywhere. That said both of us had a good swim. Matt in 17:51 and Donna in 23:27.

Then it was onto the mountain bikes for a 16-17km mudfest around Long and Shaver Ponds. The rain in the last few days had made the course slick and slippery, something we are both used to from riding around New England.

This leg was definitely the most fun, not surprising as we are both mountain bikers at heart!

Matt finished in 56:58 and Donna in 1:26:51.

Then it was onto the run. This started and finished on the beach. But this pleasant running surface was interrupted by 6km (4.13 miles) of rocks, bogs, slippery roots and a nasty steep hill.

From Donna "I was completely unprepared for the technical nature of the run. You would need to train for this by selecting an incredibly technical section of trail, Beartown comes to mind, and run on it for an hour."

Times for the run, Matt 34:08, Donna 58:09.

Total times with transitions, Matt 1:51:15 Donna 2:52:51.
We both took out 3rd in our age groups, complete with medals!
Overall results are yet to be confirmed but it looks like Matt was 8th overall.
A great day even with the changeable weather, we both got spot prizes as well.
A huge thanks to Jason and Heather for; looking after the girls, getting up early, bringing us lunch, introducing us to a new beer mix (Double Chocolate Stout and Cherry Wheat - try it you may like it as much as we do), cheering us on and taking all the pictures you see here. Couldn't have done it without your help.

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