Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Catalyst WOD and Fran

So, BizFit (CrossFit Great Barrington) is following the CrossFit Games workouts this week. First up was "Fran" (21-15-9 95#M/65#W Thrusters and Pullups) with the addition of chest to the bar on the pull ups.

I taught 2 classes, Holly rocked the 1st one using a 50# bar and getting 6 full chin over bar pullups before resorting to jumping pull ups (JPU) Time 6:37.

In the 2nd session Mona (7:47) and Lois (7:40) used 40# and JPU's, Jason (7:09) went with 75# and JPU's. Great work all around with some good times.

Trish came in late and went at it as Rx. Fantastic effort at 15:52 for a first full on "Fran". Pull ups were chin over bar not chest as per the games but it was a great effort.

Donna and I were up for the 1st day of the Catalyst strength program:
Back squat - 83% x 3 x 5 Matt 260# Donna 125#
Snatch deadlift - 110% (of sn) x 3 x 3 M 190# D 125#
Push press - 80% x 5 x 5 M 135# D 55#
Pull-ups - 3 x 10 (add weight if needed) M Strict + 10# D JPU
Weighted sit-ups (DB or plate behind neck) - 3 x 10 M Abmat + 20# MB D Abmat + 16# MB
Lateral planks - 3 x max M 2:01,1:12,1:19 D 1:10 x 3

This workout was hard! Talk about heavy! I can definitely see how this will build strength.

We are still riding the Holiday Farm mountain bike race series http://www.berkshiresports.org/index.php?ID=holidayfarm_announcements so feel free to join us on Wednesday evening for fun in the woods. Only two rounds left so make the most of them.

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