Monday, August 18, 2008

MTB Skills Clinic at Grafton Lakes NY with Team LUNA Chix

Donna practicing on the small drop
Since it was such a gorgeous day out we decided to head up to Grafton Lakes, where we did the Xterra a few weeks ago, to attend a Mountain Bike Skills Clinic run by Luna Chix NY. The instructor was former Luna Chix pro cross country racer Jimena (Florit) Dolzadelli formerly from Argentina but now residing in Connecticut.

Some off the skills covered were:
Dismounting with your leg over the rear wheel, Cyclocross style.
Bike control
Low speed techniques
Track stands
Cone touching drills
Front wheel lifts
Back wheel lifting
Bunny Hops
Small drops

Matt Bunny hopping around the carpark

We headed out on a trail ride after lunch and got to try out some of our newly practiced skills.

A great clinic and well worth the donation to breast cancer research that was required to attend. Keep an eye out for future clinics on the Luna Chix NY website.

We have both been riding and racing for a number of years but there is always something new to learn or a different way to hone techniques and skills you already have. On top of that Donna won a Decente ride top in the raffle and Ruth was nice enough to give me the Park Tool bottle opener that was part of her prize pack. Cheers Ruth!

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