Thursday, August 14, 2008

More trees to cut, trail to ride and pugs to walk

Today started with a tangled apple tree and ended with a walk by the canal. The tree in question looks much better now and hopefully will not die of shock at loosing so many limbs.

Handlebar view of the trail
Once that job was done it was time to ride. Donna and I headed to the Trail of Tears here on the cape and proceeded to get lost for 2.5 hours riding sweet hardpacked single track and a little bit of fire road. Great riding but easy to get turned around, the fact that there are no real hills makes it a pleasant experience no matter what happens.

Donna ducking for a low branch!

Matt riding some stumps!

Since we had worked up an appetite it was off to the British Beer Company Pub ( for lunch. Their latest addition is a seasonal Pumpkin Ale with the glass rimmed with sugar and cinnamon. I know this sounds odd but it tasted great!

Finally we needed to walk the girls so headed to the canal and breakwater for some more fresh air.

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