Sunday, August 17, 2008

CrossFit Total :-(

So today I was supposed to teach a Saturday skills session doing things on the rings. I guess a combination of good weather and lots of people on vacation meant everyone else had better places to be. So it was just me and Donna. After a little bit of a warm up and looking at ways to help Donna work towards her muscle up we decided to try and catch up with a CrossFit Total (CFT) that we were programed for last week.
Neither of us was feeling great and it showed in our numbers. Great decision by Donna to go very light on the press and allow her shoulders more recovery time.
Anyway here are the numbers:
Back squat:
Matt: 275-315-Failed at 335 (previous PR 315)
Donna: 135-155-165 Personal Record (PR)
Shoulder Press:
Matt: 135-145-Failed at 155 (previous PR 150)
Donna: 45 x 3
Matt: 275-345-Failed at 375 (previous PR 360)
Donna: 165-185-Failed at 205 (previous PR 205)

Matt failing at 375# check out that horribly rounded back! UGLY!

We think a combination of a busy week on vacation at the cape, eating quite a few non zone meals and not getting enough sleep all added up!

After the experience of the Olympic Lifting Seminar last weekend we are going to follow the Catalyst Athletics workouts for a while. This should lead to significant strength and technique gains when we revert back to the Crossfit main site. We will keep you posted on the difference and progress.

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