Saturday, August 16, 2008

POSE and WOD at CrossFit Watertown

Donna and I headed off to CrossFit Watertown in Connecticut tonight ( We ran a mini POSE running clinic for the crew there. The session was spoilt a little by the storm that passed through, rain, thunder and lightning we had it all.

Then we joined in on the team WOD for the night.
2 Rounds: 350m row, 30 Squats, 25 Kettlebell swings and 20 Burpees.

The gym at CrossFit Watertown, even the girls came down and joined us.

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Nathan said...

Thanks again for coming down to teach us how to run, it was great to meet you two! If you are ever itching to get out for some mountain biking, drop me a line or pop over to! ;)

Take care,